Effective Meetings Require These 7 Things

By Steve Whiteside, an EO Vancouver member and president of Learntech Solutions Ltd.

We think often what our meetings should include but sometimes we need to remember what our mistakes could be and work not to make these mistakes.

You may run a great meeting, but if you’re doing any of these seven things at the very end, you’re wasting your efforts and your employees’ time.

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One Response to “ Effective Meetings Require These 7 Things ”

  1. Ray Matwick on

    Mr. Whiteside,
    In reading your opening statement, and the full article from Mr. Martinuzzi, I have the following observations: The opening statement is missing words , and small mistakes such as “Quote” I can along this blog (should be Came) and Our meetings should include but some times ETC. (Should Include what ?) . In reading the article on 7 things Mr Martinuzzi loses his readers by going all over the place by telling of Ev Williams of Twitter, Author , Jim Collins, Apple Systems, by this time its time to leave. In short the opening statement should have been proofed, and the Article should have been more condensed, and to the points which the writer wants to get across, and less about how much research he has done, and or people he knows. Just my opinion, probably not worth much but it might help, another saying in business is ” Time is Money” Please apply the KISS method



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