TED Talks: Eddie Obeng’s “Smart Failure for a Fast-Changing World”

By Jamie Hughes, an Account Manager at Speakers Corner

TED Talks have gradually become a fruitful new resource for entrepreneurs, marketeers and financiers and many have benefited from discovering inspirational talks from speakers. This TED Talk may not guarantee immediate success but will certainly inspire you to make important changes for your business.

Eddie Obeng’s “Smart Failure for a Fast-Changing World”

Eddie is a British organizational theorist, educator, and author. He was once a teacher, but he left a safe teaching job to start a successful business leadership project called World After Midnight. In his talk Eddie reflects on the how rapidly the world is changing in the modern/digital age and explains how most of us are not equipped to handle the pace of change because we are using old rules to do so: “Somebody or something has changed the rules about how the world works.” He suggests that productivity and creative output is falling behind new standards and that, due to advances in technology and the impact of globalisation, it is hard to keep up with new modes and methods in business. “If you haven’t understood the world you’re living in, it’s impossible to understand that what you’re going to deliver fits.”

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