TED Talks: Amy Cuddy’s “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are”

By Jamie Hughes, an Account Manager at Speakers Corner

TED Talks have gradually become a fruitful new resource for entrepreneurs, marketeers and financiers and many have benefited from discovering inspirational talks from speakers. This TED Talk may not guarantee immediate success but will certainly inspire you to make important changes for your business.

Amy Cuddy’s: ‘Your body language shapes who you are’

Amy is an American social psychologist who argues that understanding and adapting your body language can lead to personal transformation. Cuddy believes that adopting a confident pose, or even visualising one, can lead to a dramatic increase in self-assurance in the business world. Cuddy recounts a time when a trusted tutor advised her to: ‘fake it until you make it’ when presenting herself to others and believed that by applying confident postures, mannerisms and gesticulations she soon became the person she wanted to be.

Cuddy uses a genuine personal story, which brings her to tears, to get her point across and proves that sharing a little piece of yourself is a positive way to connect with your audience.

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