When Caring is the Work

By Dan Moshe, an EO Minnesota member and CEO of Tech Guru

It’s never just another day at the office around here. On any given morning, breakfast eggs are cooked to order, personal goals are discussed and nurtured, and continuing professional education is par for the course. When we decided to make Tech Guru’s business about caring, it had to start at home.

As a technology service provider for small- to medium-sized businesses in Minneapolis, we know that exceptional client service – by truly caring about our clients’ businesses – is what sets us apart. It didn’t take long to recognize that the more our employees loved working at Tech Guru, the more our clients would enjoy interacting with them. This caring philosophy has led to significant returns on our investments. How do we do it?

We Communicate
Tech Guru has an open-door policy in which employees can easily communicate how to better meet the changing needs of our clients. Strategic planning within the company includes involvement from the team, making everyone more invested in how we do business.Because we care about Tech Guru employees, we want to see them develop personally and professionally. Employees meet with their manager to establish goals, objectives and expectations. Tech Guru also supports career aspirations and provides opportunities for employees to learn in their field of interest and gain recognized industry certifications.

We Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle
Tech Guru strives to provide a healthy work/life balance for its team members – something not typically found in the technology sector. Tech Guru provides health insurance for all employees and their dependents, and allows employees to work on meaningful volunteer projects on company time. What’s more, the kitchen is stocked with healthy and delicious snacks.

We Make Time for Fun
Many companies can claim to have fun, but few employ a rotating position of Chief Fun Officer (CFO)! The CFOs job is to cook up ways to bring the team together, whether it be through a friendly competition or an outing after work. Dedicate someone to upping the fun factor and see how many more smiles you’ll experience with your coworkers.

We Attract and Keep Top Talent
As Tech Guru grows and continues to add great new members to the team, we have the luxury of selecting from the top of the talent pool. We know prospective employees weigh numerous factors in addition to salary when choosing among offers. Employees have told us that it’s not any one thing that makes them look forward to coming to work each day. It’s the collective effort put in to making their work experience an enjoyable one.  As a result, Tech Guru experiences a fantastic rate of employee retention with almost no turnover.

We Are Rewarded with Client Loyalty
By going the extra mile for our employees, our team is eager to do the same for our clients. Relationships are formed beyond the mere formalities, and clients rave about us to others in their field.

We’re always happy to see growth in our clients’ businesses as we steadily bring on their new computers users. We feel we have a role in their growth, and that our service allows them to take their focus off technology and instead do more of whatever it is they do best.

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