Igniting the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Israel

By Eran Lobel, EO Boston member and CEO of ELEMENT Productions

EO is an amazing organization—the mark you can make with the support of your peers! When I attended the EO Istanbul University in 2012, my primary focus was on exploring how to raise my company’s profile on the global stage. While in Turkey, my new EO friends saw my enthusiasm for expanding my business and approached me with an exciting proposition: To harness some of my entrepreneurial zeal and help start an EO chapter in Israel. Upon learning that several Israeli entrepreneurs had unsuccessfully attempted to establish an EO chapter, I decided to join a small task force of EO members to plan an Israel chapter launch.

In talking with Israeli entrepreneurs, I learned that their struggles were similar to ours, reinforcing the lesson that entrepreneurs in every corner of the world face the same spectrum of challenges and successes. Our goal as a task force was to show Israel how EO enriches the personal and professional lives of business leaders, and how it connects a global network of entrepreneurs who learn and grow from each other. Eight months later in Tel Aviv, a crowd of 80 eager entrepreneurs gathered for a presentation on the launch of EO Israel. I was joined by EO Russia’s Natalia Matveeva, EO Switzerland – Zurich’s Guy Spier and Miranda Barrett, EO’s Vice President of Member Strategy. Our goal: To share our EO stories and inspire those present to see the full value of EO. That day, 13 entrepreneurs enlisted to become EO Israel members, and within a few weeks, three more joined, giving EO Israel the quota they needed to officially establish a chapter.

As a long-time member of EO, I know how important it is to strengthen our presence in all corners of the world. Launching EO Israel was a progressive win for expanding entrepreneurship globally, one that continues to fuel EO’s membership growth efforts. Personally, it meant even more. I’ll always have a strong tie to Israel, as I was born in Jerusalem and my mom and sibling still live there. Supporting the launch of EO Israel gave me an immeasurable sense of pride. It was a way to connect new friendships and business opportunities, both in my hometown of Boston, Massachusetts, and in my birthplace of Israel. Most of all, it gave me a chance to give back to an organization that continues to give me so much. Thanks, EO!

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