New Member Spotlight: Julie Wrobel

We catch up with the new EO South Australia member and founder of Algo Más Marketing to learn more about her entrepreneurial journey.

Why did you choose the entrepreneurial path?

JW: I wanted to create something, to really build something worthwhile. I enjoyed my previous roles working for someone else, but I’ve always wanted to start and run my own business. I relished the challenge of creating something from scratch, and then watching it grow through hard work and passion.

What is one common misconception about marketing? JW: ‘A brand is just a logo.’ A brand consists of tangible, visual elements like colours, fonts and photographic style, but also intangible elements— what the brand stands for, its values, positioning, the language used in the copy, its voice and its story. Consideration and consistency of all of these elements will help build a strong brand.

How would you define “success”?

JW: ‘Success’ means different things to different people. For me, it’s the freedom to spend my time exactly how I want to spend it. Whether that’s working on my business, studying, spending an afternoon with family and friends or travelling the world, I know I’ve earned the time to do what makes me happy.

Where do you draw your inspiration in business or life?

JW: Other entrepreneurs inspire me, particularly those who have built a business out of difficult or challenging circumstances. Women entrepreneurs inspire me in business and life, too, especially those who have children … they’re all Wonder Women in my eyes! I’m also inspired by my clients and staff— they constantly push me to excel.

Where do you see your business in five years?

JW: Hopefully, Algo Más will still be growing, and I’ll be able to leverage the talents and marketing expertise of our creative team to build and support other business ideas I have. As a business grows, it has the ability to give back more, too. For example, we started an initiative this year called ‘Algo Logo Shop,’ which offers free logo designs to local entrepreneurs with limited resources. I hope to introduce more initiatives like this.

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