5 tips for the “Momtrepreneur”

By Leana Greene, an Overdrive contributor and founder and CEO of kidsinthehouse.com, the world’s largest parenting video library.

Eliminate the Guilt!

Simply put, there just isn’t time for everything, and you have to stop feeling guilty about that. I learned early on that the work/life balance is a myth. It’s not realistic to expect to create the perfect balance between being a CEO and a parent. There will be certain days when you just have to work extra, and there will be other days when you get to spend those extra hours with your kids.  Do not feel guilty if every day isn’t always a 50/50 split. Instead, make an effort to focus on your kids when you are with them and focus on the job when you are at work.

Talk to your kids about your business ups and downs

It’s important to communicate both the positive and negative aspects of your business with your children.  Opening up to your kids about your own struggles will create a stronger bond.  I grew up with dyslexia, and because I have made an effort to share those challenges with my kids they are more likely to share any struggles they are having. I think you have to teach your kids how to get from A to B, including the fact that the journey isn’t always easy. Your children will be more likely to open up and share their ups and down with you if you lead by example!

Make time for each of your kids individually

If you have more than one kid, make sure to carve out a chunk of time with each child individually each week. It’s important for kids to feel seen and heard and bond with you individually.  This special time with your kid can be as small as 30 minutes of reading. Because time is so limited I think it’s important to kind of “sell” your kids on activities. Taking your kids on errands like grocery shopping can be a way to get alone time with them while still getting things done. Even going to the tailor can be fun for your kid if you sell it properly as “mommy and me” time. Whatever the activity is, it will not only increase your bond with your child, but it will also give you a designated time when you can turn off work mode and just be a mom!

No phones during dinner

Everyone eats! With everything constantly in motion many working moms may not even get a chance to sit down for a meal. But even if you are grabbing a quick bite on the go try to make an effort for that meal to be “cell phone free zone”. It’s amazing what even 10 minutes of quiet time can do for you.

Know you’re not alone!

Even if you are a single, working mom you can often feel alone, but it is important to know that you aren’t. Every kid comes with a set up challenges and gifts so that means no parent is without challenges. Whether you have a baby or you have a teenager it’s really valuable to speak to other parents and listen to experts. There are so many great resources out there for parents to who just need a little re-inspiration or emotional support. From mommy blogs to my very own parenting website, Kids in the House, there are resources out there that will help you remember that there are tons of people out there who are facing the same problems as you. You may not have time to join a group or club, but finding a book or website for inspiration can really help.

Leana Greene is the founder and CEO of kidsinthehouse.com, the world’s largest parenting video library. With over 8000 videos, Kids in the House is a website that provides parenting advice for all parenting styles through educational videos featuring over 450 of the country’s top parenting experts, including pediatricians, doctors, authors, celebrities and parents themselves. Leana, originally from Sweden, is an entrepreneur at heart and a mother of three. She started her first company, Absolute Court Reporting, in her early twenties and was also was active in the entertainment industry as a model, producer, and had five Billboard hits. She is the winner of two ABA Stevie Awards for best use of video and an Edison Award for Innovation.



8 Responses to “ 5 tips for the “Momtrepreneur” ”

  1. Sherri on

    Great advice and very motivating. The no phones thing is very hard for us but I definitely notice a difference when I leave it in another room.

  2. Wendy Haldeman on

    I have been a fan of Leana’s for years. She has been able to lead a successfully care while managing to raise 3 gorgeous children. I find her 5 tips to be very savvy. Leana lives what she preaches.

  3. Bill Maxton on

    This is great advice for dads as well! Making time for each of my 2 kids individually is something I really see value in and need to do a better job of.

  4. Stephanie Herrera on

    Totally agree! 50/50 is just not realistic. It’s usually give or take depending on how the day goes. Love the “cell free zone” rule. You give 100% to your family when you are with them and 100% to your work when you are at work.

  5. Perry on

    I love this article. Especially what Leana says about no phones during dinner. I think it’s so important to get that quiet time and I’m definitely going to try this!


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