EO Gujarat Holds Cultural Event for Countless Members

From 27 to 28 September, EO Gujarat hosted a two-day MyEO event that engaged countless members from nine EO India chapters and three from EO Singapore. The theme of this Navrang Navratri event was “Learn. Network. Swirl. Shine.” Participants were exposed to different aspects of the local culture, cuisine, festivals and society, while also engaging a Hindu religious observance. EO Singapore’s Arvind Agarwalla, an event attendee, shares his insights on this once-in-a-lifetime experience:

“It was an exhilarating weekend in Ahmedabad, thanks to our wonderful hosts, EO Gujarat! Thanks to Mr. Bimal Patel, chief architect of the Waterfront Project, we were privileged to see a completed section of the waterfront development. We continued on with Sunday lunch, which offered a variety of delicious food options, including the traditional vegetarian Gugarati Thaali. We spent our evening and night at sprawling farm houses owned by past presidents, where we were greeted by stand-up comedians and Garba performances. We then danced until the early hours of morning! I give my sincerest gratitude to EO Gujarat for hosting this amazing event!”

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