Three Benefits of Working with PR Firms

By Paige Hawin, an Overdrive contributor

Business owners often disagree about the value of hiring a public relations (PR) professional. To some, a PR firm is considered an essential part of their marketing team. To others—often smaller businesses—PR professionals represent a non-essential luxury. You can stop trying to manage all communications in-house by learning three benefits of working with these experts:

1. Insider Knowledge
You’re a business professional and know your company inside and out. If you had to, you could roll up your sleeves and apply yourself to any task necessary. It’s that deep understanding of how your business works and what your customers want that makes you an effective manager and entrepreneur.

PR firms are similar. They spend their lives dealing with decision-makers at all levels in order to get your company’s message into the right hands. These firms build your network, figure out who the influencers are in an organization and keep tabs on personnel movements that happen.

A public relations expert knows the world of PR inside and out. It’s their full-time role to cultivate those contacts so that they know instantly who your latest PR campaign needs to target. Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of insider knowledge.

2. Access to a Private Club
Just because you might know who you’d like to get your message to, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to reach them. Authority figures and key decision-makers are normally busy people with limited time. They survive thanks to a network of gatekeepers who protect them from people like you and me. It’s unlikely you will connect directly with them; whether it’s through an email, letter or phone call, the message you leave may never make it to the anticipated recipient.

3. Dressed For Success
Communicating with the right people isn’t enough for an effective message. The right message may not get the attention it deserves if dressed incorrectly. An experienced public relations consultant knows exactly how to get key decision-makers interested so that your message is effectively publicized.

As your business grows, it’s beneficial to have a reliable consultant who can help control your message and ensure that your company branding is being communicated accurately and effectively to your target audience.

Paige Hawin is a passionate and experienced business manager. At present she works with Interel Group.

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