Getting the Most Out of Networking Events

By George Uribe, an EO Nashville member, president of and founder of the Nashville and Miami Media Mixers

Going to a business mixer? Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your networking experience.

Before You Network:

  • Place your name tag on the right side, not the left; it’s easier for people to read
  • Pick a direction for networking and stick to it
  • The bar line is a great place to stand so you can meet people; so is the path to the restroom
  • Try to meet five people; it’s not realistic for you to meet everyone

The Art of Personal Contact:

  • Maintain eye contact the entire time, but don’t be too intense
  • Anticipate the way a person will walk before others swarm the pathway
  • Find a wingman or wing woman before the event and lean on him or her as needed

When it Comes to Business Cards:

  • Spend money on a GREAT business card
  • Put your business cards in your left pocket to hand out; put the business cards you receive in your right pocket
  • Write on the back of the business card immediately so that you remember the relevance or connection
  • Enter all of the business cards you receive on a spreadsheet and file them for future referenec
  • Use these spreadsheet as a reference to write hand-written notes within a week

When Using Your Contacts:

  • Use it or lose it within 30 days
  • Find out how to help them; do one thing for them as soon as possible
  • Never miss a birthday (mail a birthday card; it makes for a nice touch)

Networking Deal-Killers:

  • Talking to one person all night (or having your wingman/wingwoman do the same)
  • Not having enough business cards on you for distribution
  • Not having a follow-up meeting after the initial meet
  • Talking too much to the wrong people
  • Having the wrong wingman/wing woman (if your wingman wants to talk to you all night instead of others, you brought the wrong person)

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