Why You’re Crazy if You’re Not Podcasting

By Doug Kisgen, an EO Kansas City member and CEO of Kisgen Group, Inc.

Are you on the podcasting bandwagon yet? If not, you might want to get on it … and quick! Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Several 2015 cars are going to come standard with a podcasting app. Those who love podcasts will be able to link up with just a click of a button. Missing out on the commuters could mean you’re missing out on business. It’s not safe to talk on the phone, and they’ve outlawed texting in the U.S. for the same reasons, but no one’s outlawed podcast listening! Take advantage of this captive audience.
  • The iOS update coming this fall will have the podcast app standard on it. This is a big deal because iPhone podcast followers will be able to easily listen, and those who don’t know what it is will click on it and BAM, you’ll be gaining listeners even by accident!
  • Want to relate to your customers better? Perhaps you can throw a podcast (either video or just audio) on your website to give your customers some new advice. Pique their interest in your new product with a two-minute podcast about it. Update your site weekly or more often for best results.
  • How about inter-office communications? Maybe you’ve got a large company or you have branches in different locations. Does it make it hard to communicate with all of your employees? Try adding an employee podcast. Maybe you can do a short podcast featuring the newest team members or newly promoted managers, or what about giving an update on company policy via podcast? Do a podcast on a new product and how it’s going to work, or set up podcasts to make sure all employees get the same great training.
  • Having a podcast also helps you be seen as more of an “expert” in your field. People perceive you have more knowledge in an area if you are podcasting about it.

There are many great uses for podcasts, but the bottom line is that you’re crazy NOT to take advantage of this great medium! When I started my podcast, I had no idea I would be so inspired by my guests, plus I’ve been able to gain several leads for my business.

Doug “Fresh” Kisgen is a serial entrepreneur, organizational consultant and personality expert. His podcast is The Fresh Kisgen Showand so far he has interviewed EO members almost exclusively.

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  1. Dan Pahos on


    I did not know you are an EO member! I have been in EO for four years, am Forum Chair for our Chapter, past Moderator for our Forum, and 2012 EMP graduate (went to GLC in Athens Greece this Spring).
    Hope all is well. I am not podcasting at the moment, but sounds like I need to…

    Dan Pahos


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