Grow Sales With a “Back to School Mentality”!

By Caryn Kopp, an EO New Jersey member and “Chief Door Opener” at Kopp Consulting

Have you noticed people becoming more serious at the beginning of September? It’s a great mindset which I call, the “Back to School Mentality”. I see it as much with adults as I do kids. In the corporate world, meetings that didn’t occur over the summer are now on the calendar. Why are corporate folks more serious during the last four months of the year? Well, executive decision makers have until the year’s end to make things happen before their reviews. Not only do they need to complete initiatives to get their bonuses, great scores, and showcase themselves for promotions. Furthermore, many of them have to use their yearly budgets before they lose it. What does this mean for business owners and salespeople? Opportunity! Here’s how you can capitalize on these opportunities while achieving your individual goals.

Recommend funding a first quarter initiative using the current year’s budget. Most of your competitors will overlook this strategy. Suggest using the remaining budget to lock in an initiative your prospect/client needs to complete during the next year’s first quarter. This “solidifies” the business for you and your client will appreciate you protecting next year’s budget.

Secure client meetings which foster relationships. Set fall meetings with clients to discuss what you can do to help them during the fourth quarter. Use this opportunity to recommend additional programs as well as ask for referrals to other departments, divisions, parent companies, sister companies, and subsidiaries who have a bucket of money to spend on what you have to sell. If you don’t ask, someone else will!

Showcase your clients. Remember, your clients and prospects are people who are working toward personal goals within their companies. If they want to be promoted, the last four months of the year are critical for reminding management of the game-changing initiatives they started. Be a hero by helping decision makers “toot their horns” internally for initiatives you worked on together.

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  1. Mohammed Amin on

    It’s a great article and i like the phrase ” Back to School Mentality”.
    Since we deal in educational products and almost every year we run a promotion “BACK TO SCHOOL OFFER”.
    Caryn has very rightly said that last 4 months of the year should be of vital importance to every executive to make as much meetings as possible for preparation of next year fore cast.
    Really enjoyed reading it and appreciate a lot.


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