The Impact of EO: So Simple, Even a Seven-Year-Old Understands

By Anna Walz, an EO New Jersey member and CEO of Medisys Health Communications

You can never underestimate the importance of feedback, fellowship or camaraderie. Whatever the term you use, it’s turned out to be one of the most important elements of my recent success.

A few years ago, my company, Medisys Health Communications, was barely breathing. We’d fought a valiant battle, competing for business against much bigger companies … and we lost. We nearly folded up camp and went home. But in February of 2011, I joined the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), and my perception of the business world (and my place in it) began to change.

With the support of the eight people in my EO Forum, and the incredible resources made available to me through the organization, I made an informed but still difficult decision to rebrand and relaunch my company by focusing on a niche service, effectively eliminating over three-quarters of our revenue-generating service and product offerings.

It was truly frightening, but now, the company is thriving with the creation of a new, uninhabited market space; a trademark for our methodologies; a patent pending on our deliverable; and 100% revenue growth. I’ve even won a number of awards, quite an unexpected bonus! And these successes, while unfathomable before, are directly attributable to my connection to EO. Of that, I’m sure.

What I’ve learned from my EO colleagues, they don’t teach in business school. I’ve learned that while the eight of us lead different types of businesses, we have a wealth of common experiences. We all suffer from very similar business anxieties and are all very serious about doing what it takes to succeed. These people I’ve met through EO keep me accountable, help me think things through strategically and kindly punch holes in my ideas when necessary.

There’s a trust in our group that’s invaluable, and we’ve all grown as a result of that trust and the confidence it engenders. I honestly feel that I would not have had the courage or the expertise to completely restructure my business without the continued support and recommendations of my group.

Recently, my daughter asked about EO. She’d heard me talk about it quite often, and was curious. I explained that EO is a group of people who are very important to me and to Medisys. She thought about it for a moment and nodded knowingly. Even at seven years old, she gets it.

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