EO Reaches New Milestone with 10,000th Member

The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO)—the world’s leading peer-to-peer community of entrepreneurs—is proud to announce that it just hit the 10,000-member mark for the first time in its storied 27-year history! This membership milestone serves as a testament to EO’s growing impact, influence and reach in the lives of leading entrepreneurs around the world. Earning the title of our 10,000th member is Akith Patel, director of Propack Kenya Limited, and the newest addition to the recently launched EO East Africa chapter.

Since its founding in 1987, when 22 young entrepreneurs formed a chapter in Calgary, Canada, in an effort to learn and grow from each other’s experiences, EO’s membership has increased to more than 131 chapters in 40 countries. EO member companies now generate a combined US$565 billion in annual revenue and employ more than 2.2 million people around the world. Much of the organization’s recent growth can be attributed to the successful launch of several new chapters in thriving global markets, including EO Punjab, EO Ecuador, EO East Africa, EO Kuwait, EO Argentina, EO São Paulo and EO Chesapeake Bay. EO continues to expand its global presence, while driving entrepreneurial growth from the ground up.

“This membership milestone is a testament to what entrepreneurs with a global mindset represent, and what we offer as a global thought leader on entrepreneurship,” said Rosemary Tan, EO’s Global Chairman and an EO Malaysia member. “Reaching this mark in our young history showcases the intrinsic value of, and need for, a peer-to-peer network of entrepreneurs who yearn to engage, experience share and become stronger leaders in business and beyond. EO continues to help them do just that, as we celebrate our 10,000th member and prepare for our next membership milestone.”

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