Do This in the Morning and Be More Productive All Day

By the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), in partnership with Inc.

Everyone has a unique way of starting their day off on the proverbial right foot. What do successful entrepreneurs do every morning to ensure they are über-effective at getting things done? Several EO members shared their tips and tricks for maximum productivity.

Say thank you.
“Every morning, before I even put one foot on the floor, I think of one thing for which I am thankful. Starting with a positive thought and reminding myself of the good things I have in life gives me perspective for the day, should any unpleasantness unfold.”

Michael Zwick, EO Detroit

President, Assets International

Work on the business, not in it.
“I keep a recurring one-hour meeting for myself called ‘Working on the Business.’ This is a time to think about those higher-level issues that are so important and too often trumped by other meetings and ‘urgent’ emails. Though this meeting lasts an hour every day, it makes all the difference. Why wouldn’t you spend at least five hours a week working on your business?”

Kevin Menzie, EO Colorado

CEO, Slice of Lime

“In order to have a productive day, I start out every morning writing down my top three MITs, or most important tasks, that I need to focus on for that day. I write them down at home before I leave for work, prioritize them, and then make sure I schedule time on my calendar early in the morning for each one of them. This process only takes a few seconds and ensures that every day is productive.”

Jay Feitlinger, EO Arizona

CEO, StringCan Interactive

“I made a promise to work out at least 45 minutes every morning before doing anything else. This has made a huge difference for both myself and my business. Through exercise, I start the day refreshed and ready to take on the many challenges of startup life. I’m more able to approach challenges with an open mind, remain healthy to work long hours, and keep a positive outlook when met with roadblocks.”

–Amy Balliett, EO Seattle

President, co-CEO, chairman of the board, Killer Infographics

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  1. Kim on

    I really love the insights this e-letter gives me. I am very thankful for all the contributors.

    My contribution is drinking my breakfast with a Complete shake. I add flax seed and grind it in my shake, Rice milk, some greens, and I go half and half on the chocolate and vanilla flavors. I have the receipt if anyone wants it. It’s last me at least 3 to 4 hrs. Very little sugar in it. Still tastes great. 🙂


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