The Four Best Apps to Help Balance Life and Work

By Emily Green, an Overdrive contributor

More than “Just Do It,” the most iconic phrase of the early 21st century will be “there’s an app for that.” Each week, more apps are created to make our lives easier, make our daily tasks more interesting, and make our rooms smell like bacon. However, bacon alone will not create a stable (or healthy) work-life balance, so you’re going to have to skip Oscar Mayer’s app for now and try these four apps to make the best use of your time.

Abode EchoSign
Many people call modern technology the death of work-life balance. Instead of leaving the office behind when they clock out, we take it with us 24/7. However, this also means that we don’t have to be in the office as much to complete various tasks.

lets you and your clients electronically sign documents from wherever you are. No longer are you stuck at the office until 9 pm waiting for a client on the other side of the country to scan (or even fax) a signed document. The need to be attached to a bulky computer and printer is over, all you need is a Wi-Fi signal or satellite Internet service and you can seal the deal from the comfort of your couch, or your significant other’s arms.

King, the one-hit wonder app developer and maker of Candy Crush Saga, is said to be valued at more than US$7 billion ahead of its IPO. The most highly anticipated stock launches these past few years have come from young tech entrepreneurs who made it big in the social and gaming worlds. Twitter is one of the easiest companies to point at when discussing names that made it big fast.

Bloomberg is essential for any entrepreneur hoping to eventually go public. The app makes it easy to track stocks and keep up with news. Instead of playing Candy Crush on the morning commute, today’s businessperson should read about it and stay up to date on its stock, so they’ll be well informed when they make it into the office.

Open Table
Have you ever read a restaurant review and thought, “This would be a great place for a client dinner,” while your significant other thought it would be perfect for a romantic evening out? Now you can make reservations for both parties through Open Table.

With Open Table, you can make reservations at more than 15,000 restaurants in the US, UK, and Canada. The app makes sure the restaurant knows the time, date, and party size, whether you need to woo a team of investors, or just need a table for two.

Food plays an integral part in business. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum bonded over coffee in 2012 at a bakery in Los Altos, California. When the documents were signed on Valentine’s Day, both parties celebrated with chocolate covered strawberries. Use Open Table to help you seal the deal — but also to make sure your romantic interest gets some chocolate strawberries, too.

Sleep Cycle
Do you lie awake at night worrying about the future of the company or the tough decisions ahead of you? Entrepreneurship takes a serious toll on your body, physically and psychologically. Toby Thomas, CEO of EnSite Solutions, told Inc. that entrepreneurs feel pressure to appear strong and brave, when really they’re just trying to hold on. Loss of sleep and appetite are common.

Sleep Cycle monitors your sleep from your nightstand and tracks how much your toss and turn and when you’re in your deepest REM sleep. It knows how to slowly wake you up, so you don’t feel like a ton of bricks the next day. A good night’s sleep will make you better at work and will give you more energy to spend with family once you get home.

You can download hundreds of apps to your phone, but work-life balance starts with you. By making the commitment to turn off work during certain hours of the day — both in email form and mentally — you’re opening yourself up to your friends, family, and loved ones. They’ll appreciate it, and you’ll be happier.

Emily Green is a freelance writer with more than six years of experience and has over one thousand articles published online. When she’s not writing, Emily likes to go for a jog with her dog. You can follow her on Twitter @emgreen85. 

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