Honest Tea is Always Best

Seth Goldman, the CEO of Honest Tea, recently spoke with EO at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) Global Finals in Washington, D.C. As an entrepreneur, Seth has many passions, but it was his pursuit to see a more honest business environment that fueled the creation of Honest Tea, a bottled organic tea company. Quality products, sustainability, trust and honesty are just some of the company’s objectives to its ever-growing customer base that includes U.S. President Barack Obama. EO sat down with Seth to learn more about why he chose honesty to drive his company.

“Can we see nature as a partner?”

Nature is not just a vehicle corporations should use to increase profits, but it should be an essential partner in how one does business, Seth explains. While discussing his philosophy and relationship with nature, Seth discusses what drives him as the “TeoEO” of Honest Tea. Honest Tea’s mission is not to alter nature using chemicals and pesticides to get the desired results; instead, he wants his company to be an example of how businesses can view and promote the sustainability of this resource.

“Passion for an idea about changing the way we live”

Nature and community are two of Seth’s biggest passions. Seth explains that passion was a key factor in his entrepreneurial journey and is a trait he often looks for in others. Passion is not something one can manufacture or incentivize, Seth explains. Passion is an innate feeling or purpose within entrepreneurs. It is the passion for a cause that allows the entrepreneur to rise when he has fallen countless times, because he knows the reward associated with his journey.

For example, Seth had a passion for honesty and sustainability in his business practice, and those key factors have given him the resiliency to see Honest Tea’s growth from birth to a flourishing enterprise. Being an entrepreneur is not just a job— it is a way of life that holds responsibility to the nature of communities around the globe.

To learn more about Seth Goldman, read “The Business of Honesty,”recently published in Octane, EO’s award-winning member magazine.

Watch Seth’s interview at the 2013 EO GSEA Global Finals!

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