Driving with a Blindfold?

By Dr. Eyal Ronen, an EO Israel member, and founder of Spotlight Leadership

Just last week I went on a really long drive. It was a road I’ve traveled hundreds of times before—I know every curve and bump by heart. It felt really good to drive on such a familiar path, but what if I told you that I drove the entire trip blindfolded? You would think that I had lost my marbles, right?

So many business owners and managers do exactly that. They stick to a very familiar and comfortable road, driving on auto-pilot, making it seem like they really are wearing a blindfold. Think about your hiring process. You place an ad, interview a bunch of candidates, and hire one (or several). Then, you pray that you made the right decision.

I agree, sometimes this approach will work. But, choosing a candidate using a coin-toss will also work 50 percent of the time. In fact, research shows that using the most common interview techniques results in a predictive value of 52 percent! A mere 2 percent better than a coin toss.

If you are tired of hiring a person, only to discover that he or she is nothing like what they presented during the interview, you need to change your hiring practices.

Here is the Spotlight Blueprint that you should implement immediately:

1.  Conduct a job analysis
Perform a systematic investigation of the job. This will reveal everything that the person needs to be able to do.

2.  Create a Star Profile
Compose a document that lists 7-13 of the most important competencies that a person needs in order to be a good fit for the job and for your organization.

Learn the five steps you can take to improve your hiring process…




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