How to get Publicity for Your Business

Hilary Topper, an EO New York member, and president/CEO of HJMT Public Relations, Inc., shares the latest trends and best practices on how to promote your product and services.

Learn how you can create the perfect pitch and  launch the most compelling publicity for your business.


You can learn more about Hilary by visiting her website.


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2 Responses to “ How to get Publicity for Your Business ”

  1. Edward Smith on

    Thanks, that was good advice. I coach small businesses how to pitch the media and I can tell you Hilary knows what she is talking about. One of the things small businesses need to know is that getting media coverage is not just for the “big guys”. The media has space to fill and is always looking for something new and different that their audience is looking for. Even if you are not a “big guy”, if you can show the media their audience will be interested in your story, you are in. The media needs you as much as you need them. OK, thanks, Edward Smith.


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