How do you Communicate your Business Vision?

By Michael Rose, an EO Dallas member and CEO of Mojo Media Labs

Stop talking about Vision. Play it!

Do you play an instrument? You do? The piano? I’ve never heard a piano before, but I understand it’s a beautiful instrument. What does this piano sound like? Really ponder that question for a minute.

Can you describe sound? Sound, like your Vision, is intangible. Also like sound, it’s impossible to describe.

If you show me the actual piano, explain the keys, pedals, and even open the top and show me inside- the strings and other necessary components that make up this instrument- do I then know what the music sounds like? What if you showed me the sheet music? Nope, still don’t hear it.

Just because you show me the instrument doesn’t bring me any closer to hearing the sound. But, if you sit down and play it for me, well then, now that is a beautiful sound…unless of course the instrument is not tuned and all the parts are not working in harmony.

What sound is your business making right now? Do all the people in your company hear the same thing? Are they all tuned in? Do they all like the sound your business makes?

The answer to these questions is dependent on the level of energy in the company. Music creates a mood or energy.

Find out what mood you are creating in your company…



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