32 Time-Saving Tips for the Busy Entrepreneur

By Jonathan Weinstock, an EO Australia member and director at Launch Two People Pty Ltd

I’m really impatient. I mean really impatient. Maybe even a dose of hyperactivity disorder. I need stuff done now. I hate waiting.
One of my Kris Kringle presents was a stamp that says “F-cking Urgent.” I am into efficiency.

Why? I like getting stuff done, so I can do more stuff and achieve more, learn more, grow more and then have more choice to do more fun things when I want.

So to do more, I need to find efficiencies. The world works better when the right people do the right activities at the right time and at the right price. Am I lazy for not wanting to do the washing, cooking and cleaning when I get home?

My wife might argue I am lazy, although I argue that I am efficient by resting or doing something more productive with my time. Making someone else happy is not the point here, but you get my drift. And yes, I am still very domesticated (although it took training and some resistance). People often ask how I manage all of the things I do.

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