How to Say “No” More Often

By Jonathan Weinstock, an EO Australia-Victoria member and CEO of Launch Two People

Saying ‘no’ more often gives us freedom, power and direction. In fact, one of Steve Jobs’ famous quotes was, “I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying ‘no’ to 1000 things.”

My biggest challenge is saying ‘no’ sometimes. Your value actually goes up the more you say ‘no.’ It means you are more protective of your time and more selective with your choices. It’s not so easy to get Donald Trump on the phone!

Anyone with a burning desire to succeed will tend to want to do and achieve everything yesterday and feel like they haven’t missed out on anything (fear of missing out syndrome). There are infinite amounts of opportunities, people, events, publications and activities from which to choose to spend time pursuing. So how do you choose?…

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4 Responses to “ How to Say “No” More Often ”

  1. Melissa Heisler on

    “No” is a very powerful word. I love the Byron Katie quote, “I always say yes, sometimes it is yes to you, sometimes it is yes to me.” Instead of thinking you are saying no to something, reframe the situation to actually saying yes to your priorities.

  2. Antonio on

    Experience and my assistant are responsible for me saying no. Although I do have still some what of the “missing out syndrome”, it is much less than when I was younger. Also I think age helps me out because I simply do not have the energy I used to!


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