Expert or Pseudo-Expert? How To Tell The Difference

By Todd Jamieson, Special to Overdrive

We live in an amazing time. Everyone has access to billions of pages of information that can be reached within seconds. We’re just a couple of clicks away from the answer to any question we care to ask– and more!

I’m the last person to knock information sharing and learning. The challenge is that there are now legions of pseudo-experts who share their opinions on subjects they don’t fully understand. These people have taken information solely from reading “top ten” blog posts, even from other so-called experts.

Pseudo-experts can be hard to spot; they often look and act just like the real thing. But there can be consequences if you hire one to build your website or run your marketing campaign. With no past success and very little real-world experience, a pseudo-expert can waste your time and money. They can even do lasting damage to your business.

It’s important to discover if you’re working with a pseudo-expert as soon as possible. But how do you tell?

Five traits of pseudo experts…



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