5 Health Reasons to Consider Standing While you Work

By Rene Seifert, an EO Bangalore member and Managing Director of Level 360 Service

If you’re reading this blog post, you’re probably sitting at your desk and have been sitting at your desks for several hours. More and more people are starting to spend more time in sedentary positions and EO Bangalor member Rene Seifer gives his audience five reasons to get up, circulate blood flow and enjoy a more active lifestyle even during one’s workday. So sit back or, better yet, stand up to enjoy today’s blog post.

Wash Your Hands! Smoking Kills, Seatbelts Save. All these concepts without a doubt help keep people alive; however there were times when these ideas were not-so-common-sense. It takes entire generations for concepts like these to become societal norms, even when science has backed them up from the beginning. It takes time before public health campaigns are crafted and for messages to spread. Then it takes even longer for people to change their habits. Understanding the health risks of a sedentary lifestyle is no different. We are in the early years of a “Standing Revolution,” but don’t wait to adopt a standing work-style. Fitterfirst family have been evangelists of the Active Office concept for a long time (we were rocking ball chairs when it definitely wasn’t cool). We are very aware of the countless studies that have been done on the subject of extended inactivity. We want to share some of those important and surprising results you may not know yet.  We have distilled the research down to the points that are repeated over and over again in just about every study we’ve read. We aim to spread awareness on the standing work-style so people can make informed lifestyle choices. Everyone has the right to be healthy happy and age gracefully and shortening your sitting time can in your overall health.

Continue reading to find out what the most significant reasons are.

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