7 Steps That May Bring Out Your Entrepreneurial Diva

By Taffy Williams of the Charlotte Small Business Examiner

Everyone knows that doing the same thing repeatedly rarely leads to significant change. Sometimes, it takes mixing things up to recognize new paths leading to personal growth. This became more obvious during a recent trip to speak with some medical professionals and help an entrepreneur creating a startup fashion business. Oddly enough, the people involved were mostly scientists and medical professionals that were developing and enhancing their artistic interests and translating the new skills to their respective businesses.

Becoming an entrepreneur requires a good understanding of a few key issues and these people had learned them: 1) they knew not to give up their day job; 2) they were learning to take educated risks while limiting the down side; 3) they had a passion for the new direction; and 4) they reached out for help.

The reality is that these professionals may never transition from their lucrative jobs to create a startup. However, they found a way to test drive their ideas with minimal risk and they were learning to expand their thinking in ways to grow and become more creative. Taking risks and learning something new is important because the process helps one grow and become more confident.

Try the steps below and see if they help your creativity improve. Maybe you will find that passion for a startup and release your entrepreneurial diva!

1. Try something different: It is easy to become stagnant and halt growth. Developing new interests or hobbies sometimes lead to learning experiences that allows creativity to emerge. The act of taking your mind off the daily routine may be enough help you reboot. Also, the process may help in the generation of new ideas to move your current business.

2. Get a helping hand: Taking the step into new areas is easier when you find help! Friends, mentors, advisors all contribute in different ways. Some people teaching the new area may enjoy learning more and discussing the activity with you. People discussing topics and brainstorming with you enhances the experience while bringing you more rapidly up-to-speed.

3. Live through bad hair days: Everyone has a bad day. Things just do not work and frustration starts. It is important to recognize that you can turn the events around or grow out of the problems. Keeping your mental state alive and your creativity intact will go a long way to helping you while working through problems!

4. Make friends: Make friends and hold them close. Friends are people you can turn to and discuss most anything. They can be mentors and advisors or just someone to share new interests and discuss most anything. Sometimes, great ideas come during relaxing discussions with friends and you may get different points of view. Your creative side gets a chance to take over while you turn attention away from your problems.

5. Try not to run in circles: Running in circles is great if you are on a track, but no so good if developing a business or learning something new. Repetition is good to a point, and after that, you should move forward!

6. If you are not the lead dog, your view never changes: Taking on a new task allows you to take ownership of something. The learning process of new activities allows you to see everything in a different way. Your field of vision expands and so does your thinking.

7. Bring out your diva: The process of learning and trying new activities and skills helps you develop your inner diva. You have a chance to add to your skill set and expand topics you can discuss with others. Learning new things may result in one or more area becoming so exciting that you want to develop a new business related to the new interests. Whether you engage in a new business or just enhance your learning, you are a winner because your confidence and ability to take on new tasks are enhanced. The bottom line is that you cannot lose by expanding your interests and learning new things!

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