27 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

By Aimee Groth and Max Nisen, BusinessInsider.com

We get tons of books here at War Room, on management, leadership, career advice, and entrepreneurship.

So we’ve pulled together the essential reading list for entrepreneurs — from our own reading, and recommendations from founders, VCs, and CEOs.

“Predictably Irrational,” by Dan Ariely

Stephen Walker

Ariely’s book looks deep into human behavior and consumer habits, and it’s focused around the revelation that humans are wired to be irrational. Ariely goes deeper by using plenty of first-hand experiments to show that the world is fuzzier than traditional economists would like it to be.

Read more about Dan Ariely’s “Predictably Irrational.”


“Business Model Generation,” by Alexander Osterwalder

Business Model Generation

Entrepreneurs swear by this “handbook for visionaries, game changers and challengers.” As traditional business models are being disrupted, it’s essential for today’s entrepreneurs to create new models in order to gain a competitive advantage.

Read more about Alexander Osterwalder’s “Business Model Generation.”


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