Support and Value: Marketing Collateral for Fitness Professionals

By: Victoria Sanchez, special to Overdrive

If you put collateral in context with marketing, you are offering potentials clients a valuable resource that supports your business. A fitness professional relies on a brand to build a reputation, and marketing collateral is part of that process. Even in this digital age, it is wise to design some physical tools to promote your company. A website is a nice touch, but nothing says professional quite like a visual aide.


A offers a creative view of the service you are promoting. Put your best face forward on the cover with a picture that makes them want to know more. Inside, get crucial points across economically. For example, a bullet listing of certifications or awards highlights to anyone looking at the page some primary sell points.

Use eye-catching headlines to grab their attention with descriptive phases that mean something. “Boston Marathon-winning trainer” says more than “good runner” in a headline. Make the information accurate and straightforward but play on your assets. What makes you stand out? Avoid flowery sales talk that just takes space.

Visual Aides for Sales

This is a catchall term for different types of media. It might be a Powerpoint presentation or a slideshow that highlights key moments in your training and career, for instances. Stick with simple backgrounds that don’t over utilize color. Make the font something clear and easy to read such as sans serif. The text should be large enough that anyone can read it from anywhere in the room. Don’t overuse words. Keep the prose short and simple.

Data Sheets

A data sheet is a single page that offers a summary of what makes you distinctive. It should be scannable with bullet points and short bursts of information. The goal is to give customers a cheat sheet to learn everything they need to know about your service.

Business Cards

A business card is one of the most critical pieces of marketing collateral. You want yours to be not only informative but also memorable. Follow some basics for business card printing online and design.

  • Pick impressive paper stock. The cheap stuff just looks, well, cheap.
  • Make the name stand out. The font should be larger that the other details on the card. Use a different color to make it unique.
  • Provide imagery that makes an impression. Relate the graphic to your fitness service or brand name. Think Apple – their imagery makes a statement that is iconic.
  • Add a tag line that is catchy. What do you think of when you hear “Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee.”
  • Keep the contact information tight – no need to give out four different phone numbers.
  • Think about the flip side. The back of the card is space you could use to list feature services or bullet points of your accomplishments.
  • Make it scannable – like every other piece of marketing collateral, it needs to be easy on the eye.


Letterhead ties written correspondence together with the other tools. You should have one logo on all your print material including the stationary. Hard print your business name, address and contact information on the page, as well. As with the business card, you want the letterhead to be sharp and memorable.

Marketing collateral is a visual representation of your service. Fitness professionals need to sell themselves. You wouldn’t let your body get flabby and expect to bring in new business. Keep your marketing just as tight by utilizing well-designed tools such as a business card.

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