Reasons to be Thankful When Running Your Own Business

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Thanksgiving is one of the most celebrated holidays in the US. It’s an event that usually falls on the 4th Thursday In November. Now why do Americans greatly value Thanksgiving? Back in 1621, the harvest was plenty. The harvest was offered as thanks to Wampanoage Native American Tribes. Those tribes were the ones who helped Pilgrims fish and plant crops. Back then, Pilgrims didn’t know where to get food. They also didn’t have skills to find food such as fishing and planting. Despite several debates about the history of Thanksgiving, the tradition of giving thanks continues to live on.


Entrepreneurs are notorious for “burning the candle on both ends.” What is often overlooked during the Thanksgiving holiday is the opportunity to recharge batteries. Time that was spent constantly working, could be dedicated to resting and spending time with loved ones. Entrepreneur Barry Maher planned to do nothing on Thanksgiving, using the holiday “to remember everything that I have to be thankful for, including successful business, and to share that thankfulness with family and friends.”

While many entrepreneurs look forward to taking it easy if just for a day, Justin Lee, the co-founder of TheSquareFoot, plans to use the time for “internal prep and a strong recovery the week following the holiday after some downtime.” For a start-up company like Lee’s it vital that they “take advantage of every minute that they have.


Entrepreneurs and business owners are greatly thankful for this holiday. A lot of businesses profit during Thanksgiving especially those business owners that sell food such as grocery stores, convenience stores and even bakeries. There’s a non-ending queue of grocery shoppers during Thanksgiving. Everyone is busy buying goods for their Thanksgiving meal preparation.

When it comes to Thanksgiving, families and friends get together. Businesses that benefit from this travel include airlines, travel agencies and businesses in the airports can gain more sales from this holiday. A person may book a ticket personally or ask assistance from a travel agency. Thanksgiving is one of the most hectic times of year for airports and those business owners that are inside airports or around airports also benefit from this time of year. Travelers will grab lunch or coffee or even shop while they wait for their flight.

Everyone definitely has something or someone to be thankful for. It’s also in this season where businesses that sell Thanksgiving cards could greatly benefit from the holiday. People would want to send cards to the people they are thankful for. A daughter could send a Thanksgiving card to her mother who took good care of her throughout the years. It could also be an employee sending a Thanksgiving card to her boss for the job given.

Almost all business owners can greatly benefit from Thanksgiving holiday. It could be one of the busiest holidays but it means great business for most entrepreneurs.

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