Are You a Superhero?

By Luke Bong, Special to Overdrive

Ever wonder which superhero type of entrepreneur you are? In this article, I’ll share about some of the comic book superheroes and what their characteristics are if they were an entrepreneur. See if you can relate to any one of them.


1) Spiderman Type

The neighbourhood entrepreneur who is friendly, funny and popular with almost everyone. This person’s business activity is focused in one geographical location only. The strength is the relationship with the customers. The weakness is this type of business will find it difficult to expand.

2) Batman Type

Also the neighbourhood entrepreneur. However, he prefers to work alone. Just think of the local web designer or Internet marketer who prefers to sleep in the daytime and work at ungodly hours. May have a dark past, too, like he or she was once unfairly terminated from the previous job and now feels all employers should be locked up in Arkham Asylum.

3) Ironman Type

Stylish, creative genius, billionaire and flamboyant. I think Steve Jobs (Apple) fit this role perfectly.

4) Wolverine Type

Rough, rugged and streetwise. He or she is highly skilled, knows the ins and outs of a business but doesn’t necessarily hold the proper paper qualification. Reminds me of a lot of the tradesmen who venture into their own business such as carpenters, renovators, painters, etc.

5) Wonder Woman Type

This is the strong woman entrepreneur who drives fear in the eyes of their male counterpart. They work hard and they are ruthless. Every man-entrepreneur’s worst nightmare.

6) Catwoman Type

They work hard and are ruthless but the man-entrepreneurs love them to bits, only to regret later. This type of entrepreneur is normally found prowling the sales industry. They use their feline charm to subdue their prospects.

7) X-men Type

This type of entrepreneur works in teams. They typically have different skills that complement each other. Reminds me of people who are in the MLM industry, where teamwork is so important.

8) Professor Xavier Type

This entrepreneur’s key strength is finding people who are more skillful than him or her to build the business. The objective is to create a powerful synergy. Has the potential to grow into a big corporation.

9) Magneto Type

This entrepreneur is the opposite of the Professor Xavier-type. Although he or she can also build a powerful team, this entrepreneur has let the power of the company get to his or her head. This entrepreneur will start to abuse power and may harm the company.

10) Daredevil Type

As the name suggests, this entrepreneur is a daredevil and will try anything. Think of Ricard Branson from Virgin. This is the risk taker extraordinaire!

So, which type of entrepreneur are you? Have fun.

Live your passion!

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