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By: Andrea Buginsky, a special to Overdrive

If you own your own business, you probably travel a lot to business meetings, interviews, stores to stock up on supplies, and conferences. This could take you away from your desk for several hours, maybe even several days. So how do you get the work you need to complete done while you’re traveling? Here are seven tools that can help.

Prepaid Phone

Stylish prepaid phones are great tools for on-the-go. They can be programmed to do a lot of work for you, including hold all of your business contacts, keep your schedule up-to-date, keep notes organized, and even record messages for yourself. The best part is, you only pay for what you need, and there are no long-term contracts to sign.

Electronic Tablet

An electronic tablet lets you do so much more than read. These devices can store numerous amounts of data, hold your documents, and provide a ton of apps you can use while on-the-go. They also allow you to hook up to wireless networks so you can easily get on the Internet.

Day Planner

If you’re phone does not have a calendar feature on it, then you’ll need a separate day planner. If you’re not comfortable with an electric one, there are plenty of binders you can use to keep track of your daily, weekly, and monthly schedules. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, and you can use an unlimited number of planning page combinations as you need. You’ll never miss another meeting or appointment again.

Mobile Wifi

When you’re on-the-go, it may be difficult to find places that offer wifi when you need it. So why not carry along your own? Mobile wifi devices allow you to hook up to the Internet whenever and wherever. Now you can log on to the Internet from your phone or tablet anytime you need to.

Flash Drive

If you create a lot of documents on the computer, you know how important it is to keep it backed up. You also know how important it may be to have with you when you’re traveling. It’s easy to do both with a . Available in a variety of storage sizes, flash drives keep all of your important documents backed up, and allow you to take them with you when you travel. They fit any computer or device with a USB port, and can be used in a variety of places on your travels.


With all of the electronic devices you’ll have with you on your travel, you’ll want a convenient way to use them all together. Thanks to the technology of Bluetooth, it’s easier than ever. Simply hook your phone, tablet, and other devices up to your Bluetooth, and you’re ready to go.

Universal Charger

Another tool you’ll need to go along with all of your electronic devices is a universal charger. This gadget will allow you to charge all of your devices quickly and easily. You can use it for your phone, tablet, Bluetooth, laptop…any piece of electronic equipment you need to have with you on your travels.

Now that you have the proper tools for on-the-go entrepreneurs, you can get away from your desk more often to seek out new business opportunities. Don’t let the age of technology keep you tied to your office all day. Embrace it to go out into the world.


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