Creating Positive Culture Builds Company Success

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At EO Austin Round Up earlier this year, Herb Kelleher provided some great nuggets about company culture. He shared that culture is a company’s greatest strength. Because every business is in the customer service business, positive company culture is crucial to build a strong team. Here are three tips to creating positive company culture.

Know your values

Positive company culture starts with values and attitude. What values does your team strive to uphold? How does the team interact with each other? Is the company environment positive or negative? Building a strong foundation for your team to work from will help lead the company to success.

Create traditions

How do you celebrate new client wins or the end of a quarter? Do you celebrate the birthdays and anniversaries of your team members? Show how important the team is and exercise traditions to show it. Acknowledgment can go a long way.

Celebrate successes

Aside from hitting the gong when the company wins a new customer, celebrating and acknowledging everyday successes is way to keep the team energized. Start the day or staff meeting with quick feedback from the team – who has been a superstar, or how did team members help accomplish company goals? Focusing on the positive helps set the team up for future success.

How do you create a positive company culture?


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