The Importance of Office Environment

By Jessica Sanders, professional blogger and web content writer for

With Gen Y entering the workplace, and Googleplex making employees everywhere jealous, there is much talk about office culture, workspace personalization and how it effects morale and workday productivity.

Though popular startups like Facebook and Yelp are making a splash in the office world, businesses have been slow to the punch. Yet, with employee happiness and productivity at stake, it’s in your best interest to make it happen. From office furniture to natural lighting, find out how it will be beneficial to employees and management alike.


You want your employees to be productive. So much so that you put software, schedules and performance reviews in place to ensure they are getting their work done. However, recent studies show that the key may actually be in the overall environment.

According to, “… a comfortable, well-ventilated, well-lit, safe workplaces increase productivity as much as 16 percent and job satisfaction as much as 24 percent, while reducing absenteeism.” So, how can you get your employees to be more productive?

  • Get organized: Having a cluttered office space means employees will spend more time shuffling through the mess than actually getting the work done. Utilize document management software to go completely digital and get rid of filing cabinets all together.


Most people working in an office get bit by the afternoon slump bug. As the workday gets close to closing time, it’s easy to drift off course. While the cure is usually a third cup of coffee, perhaps a simple environment change would do the trick.

  • Windows: If possible, consider renovations. RPI found that employees stayed on task 15% more in windowed offices as opposed to those working in windowless buildings. Natural light is known to boost energy and overall satisfaction so keep your employees awake longer with more windows.
  • Lighting: Fluorescent lighting does little to nothing for your employees’ energy and productivity. Installing natural lighting or allowing employees to bring in their own desk lamps can make a world of difference.

Workplace Morale

The most important aspect of having a good office environment is overall employee morale. More and more employees are looking for that fun culture that has become popular with the Gen Y workplace integration. Happy Hour and company outings add to that, but it starts within the four walls of your office first. So, how can you improve your cultural environment?

  • Bring fun: Choosing the right office furniture will be key to improving morale – allowing employees to use yoga balls for chairs, play foosball for lunch break and recline on a couch after a long morning are all beneficial additions.
  • Support: Having a supportive office culture allows bonds to grow between coworkers, making it a place your employees want to be. This starts with the company vision and trickles down from management to everyone else.

While the standard 9-5 office was once a dull, dreary place to be, employees are now looking to change the environment. And it’s in your best interest to make it happen. From productivity to employee morale and workday energy, it’s critical that you make the changes necessary to encourage these important aspects.

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