New EO Webinar: Achieving Balance in Your Life

As a successful entrepreneur, sometimes you feel like you’re going 100 miles an hour at full throttle! It becomes a real struggle to navigate through priorities and stay focused, while attempting to avoid a collision course into a wall.

On Thursday, 14 June, at 1 p.m. EST, learn how to take control of your life! EO is offering a free webinar by MAP Senior Consultant Steve Behunin. By signing up, you will capture valuable tools to map out a path toward bettering your life balance.

This session will also teach you how to identify vital life factors and priorities within your business, family, community and yourself. You will even develop a blueprint for the personal and business goals that you have been yearning to grasp a command of, and will leave with strategies to increase your productivity level and begin building a legacy for your business and life!

To register for this EO opportunity, please contact Joy Hayes, EO’s Chapter Learning Manager.

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