Five Reasons Why Entrepreneurial CEOs Should Work from Home

By Tristan White, founder and CEO of The Physio Co.

Think you get a lot done at the office? Try working from home! Here are five reasons why I believe entrepreneurial CEOs should work from home:

  1. Creates a sustainable business.  As a leader, it’s your job to create an environment where great things can happen. That environment needs to exist whether you’re there or not.  When managers get out of the way and trust their team to make decisions as if they own the business, that’s when great things really happen.
  2. Improves focus. The CEO’s job is on vision, values and alignment. Not operations. Passionate entrepreneurial CEOs care about every team member and every client – sometimes we care too much! Working from home helps you focus on your job and stops you from interfering.
  3. Improves creativity. Entrepreneurial CEO’s combine art with science to create opportunities. Solitude can be a great environment for learning and creating. The distraction of the day-to-day operations in your office? Not so creative.
  4. Improves your work/life balance. No commute, lunch with your family, leave the office and be on your bike or out for a run in minutes. You will add years to your life and a smile to your face.
  5. Works for Branson. Richard Branson has been working from home for years, and he swears by it. He loves the time for himself, time with his family and he reckons it helps him delegate more.

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