EO Tweets of the Week

@hak300 @EntrepreneurOrg @EO_MeghannS Thanks 2 “Pushing the Limits” motto at QT Uni, I went crazy & registered 4 my 1st half marathon. Wish me luck

@LauraAtVMV just had lunch w the definition of ENTREPRENEUR @matthewweiss! M INSPIRED&energized 🙂 @entrepreneurorg the best place to be an entrepreneur

@dhassell: There’s 2 paths, fear and hope. Entrepreneurs take the path of hope. #EO Global Chairman Kevin Langley at #EONerve

RT@directingchange: Hey @EntrepreneurOrg Your brothers & sisters in arms from @SVNetwork are talking thriving!

@KyleBreischaftOnly EO (@EntrepreneurOrg) would have a national comedian,a gospel choir & a Coca-Cola Executive within the first 30 min of#EONerve conf.

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