Creating Bonds that Make a Difference

By Mark Moses, an EO Orange County member and CEO of

Sometimes we need to take the time to step back from our businesses and daily routines to reconnect by forging close bonds that help us to maintain balance in our lives.

We tend to find greater pleasure in life when our business, personal and family life are in balance enabling us to gain clarity and direction in the areas that really matter. A true gift is realized when we seek experiences that take us out of our comfort zone while trying new and exciting activities with those people who truly matter, our kids.

Last weekend, I was fortunate to be able to spend four uninterrupted days in Quebec City with my 11-year-old son, Mason, and 20 other fathers and sons from all over the world. We engaged in activities that allowed us to rediscover the special relationship between fathers and sons while “playing” in and out of our comfort zones.

We enjoyed riding snowmobiles, dog sledding, snow shoeing and tubing while “pushing” ourselves just a little bit outside of our normal boundaries when we spent the last night of our adventure in the Ice Hotel. Visiting and touring this hotel is a unique event but actually spending the night in the Ice Hotel, donned in our snow gear while sleeping atop an ice block, was a completely out-of- the- box experience for all.

 Four days of one-on-one time with our boys not only provided us with priceless bonding experiences: it helped us dads to rediscover the art of “play”. We take risks everyday in our businesses so why not take the opportunity to balance our lives with meaningful experiences with our children and build unforgettable memories? Our kids look to us to teach them, be their role models and guide them but it is equally important to learn a lesson from them on how to really enjoy the present.

All of the dads agreed that sleeping in the Ice Hotel could not be characterized as “restful”, but our boys slept like “babies”. This made me realize that our kids truly live in the moment. There is something to be learned from that. At the end of the trip, our boys were asked what they most admire about their fathers. Mason shared that he is most grateful for the time I make to spend with him and he admires that I earn money for the family to buy food, a nice house and take trips together like this one.

With this in mind, I’d like to issue you a challenge. Make a plan to spend some quality time with your kids and allow them to help you reconnect with what is most important. Let them help you to push your boundaries while engaging in real “playtime”. I am confident that you will see a positive difference in yourself and this will translate to a positive difference in your family as well as your business life.

Mark Moses coaches high-growth entrepreneurs and companies on how to grow their businesses, build their strategic plan, raise capital and navigate through the challenges of entrepreneurship. E-mail Mark at [email protected].

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