Tweets of the Week: Queenstown Style!

@matwylie: EO Queenstown Uni starts today. 400 delegates, 18 countries and 60 industries. It’s #EONZ time to shine on the global stage #eoqtu


@ZiptrekNZ:Welcome to #Queenstown #EOQTU from Ziptrek Ecotours! Amazing speakers & innovators are here, so enjoy your stay entrepeneurs of the world!


@hak300: “Ancient Wisdom” with Ngahi Bidois in a great rainy morning at #eoqtu #EONZ #EOThrive25


@srowellnz: Sensible people dominate the world. Intuitives outnumbered 4:1 via Mike Hutcheson #eoqtu


@simonyoung: The web is being rebuilt around people. It’s no longer the wisdom of crowds but the wisdom of friends. – Kirsten Manning #eoqtu

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