How to Create Content that Turns Browsers into Buyers

By Daria Steigman, founder of Steigman Communications, LLC and author of the Independent Thinking Blog.

The early days of the World Wide Web were so much easier.

Back in the “old days,” having a Web presence meant putting the equivalent of a corporate brochure online. Web site checked off. On to more pressing marketing tasks.

Well, not really— but that was what most companies did.

Now every business has to be a publisher, and every company has to have something to say besides “BUY ME.” Content matters.

Enter Content Rules.

Co-authors Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman have written a bible for savvy entrepreneurs and everyone else who understands that good content is a competitive advantage. The point of great content, they say, is:

“to convert browsers into buyers and customers into regulars or (better yet) rabid fans, ambassadors, and advocates. You do that by deepening your relationship with them, over time, by repeatedly and consistently creating content they care about and want to share freely with their friends and colleagues, and by encouraging them to engage with you and to sign up for things you publish (like an e-mail newsletter or a webinar) or to download a white paper or an ebook.”

The book is divided into three key sections:

  • Part I looks at the rules for creating great content, including understanding your own business, being helpful rather than shilling your wares and advice for interacting wisely with your audience.
  • Part II offers how-to chapters on blogging, video, podcasting, photography and more.
  • Part III has some great case studies from businesses that have successfully implemented content marketing strategies.

The best thing about Content Rules is that it’s not intended to sit on a shelf. It’s meant to be actionable— just like all good content. For example, the chapter on blogging covers 12 specific guidelines and includes tips for writing great headlines, advice on tagging and categorizing posts and an “easy-peasy blog post template” that two people at two different companies told me they’ve shared with their internal teams.

The chapter on webinars has 25 specific steps to help you create and produce “webinars to ignite your business.” So whether you’re looking to try out something new or just struggling to make what you’re doing do a better job of creating a passionate community around your brand, Content Rules can help.

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