Management Strategies for Talent Retention

By Burton M. Goldfield, CEO of TriNet.

Hiring is indisputably a critical part of growing a business, but once you hire a great team it’s just as important (if not more so) to make sure they want to continue to work for your company. Through a handful of strategies, managers can improve talent retention and create a more employee-driven workplace.

Managers often all too easily forget that employees want to be successful, collaborate in teams, and help drive business growth. However, communication can break down in environments where burden, rather than support, is placed on teams. This often leads to greater workplace frustration and unsatisfying results.

If you want to drive your teams to success, remember how they want to fit into your organization. Ask yourself what their vision is for their role in the company. Rather than tasking employees with monotonous work, give them the opportunity to impress you. You may never know what your teams are capable of if you don’t allow them to take full ownership of work and meaningful projects.

Give your team more responsibility by clearly communicating deadlines and expected results early on, and give individuals the opportunity to present creative solutions whenever possible. Your top performers will want to be successful and leave a lasting impact on the business. For example, if bottom-line revenues are critical at the moment, let your sales team research and select the prospect pools with the most potential, rather than have them spoon feed a proposal to mandated targets.

Simple communication approaches will go a long way to keep employees committed and energized when competitors look to poach your top performers as the economy rebounds. As business thrives, consider what steps you can take to create a corporate culture that your employees want to be a part of, rather than fitting them to into the mold of an ideal employee.

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