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Mark Hopkins, managing partner of Crescendo Capital Partners, is currently working on a book designed to guide young businesspeople along the entrepreneurial path. He is looking for insightful leaders who are committed to the development of young people and would be willing to share their stories.  Here is the information he provided.

  • The goal is to capture  learning that can be passed on to the next generation of young people with dreams of doing something big
  • The book will target people between 16-30 years of age, as well as their parents and educators
  • The book will emphasize information not taught in classic educational settings, and will share important rules of business and life
  • The book will highlight a recommended path, as well as a set of skills that combine to yield a higher likelihood of success in America

On the skill side is a set of “shortcuts,” which will lead to great opportunities for young businesspeople and the sharing of knowledge/behaviors/traits needed to capitalize on them. These shortcuts form the 11 chapters of the book, and anecdotes from entrepreneurs are needed to support each chapter.  Shortcut 4, for example, talks about the value of working for a company that is already thriving in a market that is of interest to the entrepreneur, and leveraging the years of learning embedded in the companies policies and procedures.

Mark is hoping to find contributors who are 30-50 years old; people who have achieved something special in the world of business. The anecdotes needed will be all the more inspirational if they come from people who came from modest backgrounds; motivated people who have achieved big things that young people could see themselves doing with the right training and mentoring.

If this sounds like you, Mark would like to talk to you about your achievements and what helped make them possible. You can contact Mark via e-mail.

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