How to Regain Belief in Yourself

By JB Glossinger is a renowned speaker, author and founder of

As a child you’re told that you can be anything that you would like to be, even president. So you graduate high school and you still believe that you will become president. Yet everyone around you tells you maybe you should get a job, go bag groceries, etc. Then your dream just disappears. For many people out there the dreams have been stolen over time. If you’re one of them, find out how to get them back!

I would like to give you some practical applications that you can use today to help rebuild that belief in yourself. A great tool for this is using a journal to keep track of the positive things that are happening. What happens is that psychologically we look at the past to see what our future will be like. In order to transcend that, we need to find more positives in our lives. Write down the positives in your journal and look at them weekly. Through these actions the belief will start to come back to life.

You have to believe before you can become. If you don’t believe that you deserve wonderful things and have dynamic life experiences, you’re not going to have them. You need to be reminded that you are the miracle of birth and that there’s no one like you in the world. You have a special gift that you are going to bring to the world, but if you don’t find it inside, you can’t manifest it and allow yourself to live that dynamic life and move forward.

If You Don’t Believe, No One Else Will
That deep-seated belief in yourself is what is going to help you set your goals and go after them. A great example is the story of the global-shipping company, FedEx. The company was started even though a college business professor gave the founder’s idea a C and told him that it would never work. There are so many examples of people who have had their belief stolen but were willing to stick with it and move forward.

Being a creator comes from that belief in yourself. It starts with your energy and getting your mind right every single day. We all have to work on our belief system. It’s challenging even for me. As I go out there and things are progressing, they grow because of my belief in myself. If you don’t believe it, then no one will. So it’s time to work on being the best and believing in yourself. What will make the difference is working a little bit harder on yourself and doing some things that no one else is doing.

Believe in Your Dream
Believe that you can! The metaphysical foundation for everything is the belief. Belief is what makes it happen. If you are not manifesting things into your life it’s because you don’t believe in them. Self-doubt creeps in from all the conditioning that we have. We have to dig deep and we have to find that energy and push through it. It’s those moments of faith that are critical in developing posture and positioning. Most people quit before they get to their dream because someone tells them that they don’t believe in them. You need to have enough belief in yourself that you don’t listen to the critics.

Be Positive and Connect
Everything begins with the understanding of who you are and finding out where you want to go. How do you do that? By listening to positive things every day, being careful about the negative conditioning that can come into your mind, and journaling the positive things that are happening to you. Make sure you review them once a week. This will build your belief little by little, leading to massive positive shifts at an exponential rate. When this shift happens, it will create momentum, and that momentum will lead to the spark that ignites everything.

As we get there our consciousness expands and more wonderful things come into our lives. We learn to sit back and enjoy it from an observer level and let the process play itself out. You will find the true belief when you connect with the true spiritual part of yourself!

JB Glossinger, MBA, Phd (in Metaphysics), is an internationally known visionary, speaker, author, coach and consultant who helps people manifest what they want for ytheir business, organization and personal life. He is the founder of the world’s first personal-evolution system,, based on the principles of self-help, personal development, self-improvement and life coaching. Learn more about JB’s professional speaking information at:

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