Top Entrepreneurial News of the Day

  1. Four Tools for Creating Video Blog- Our top pick, this new suite has 11 basic apps, including Movie Maker, which lets you record videos and add music and graphics. You can save the videos as Windows Media files and upload them directly to Facebook and YouTube.
  2. Don’t be a Scrooge by Giving a Gift Card – Giving gift cards to your employees for the holidays may be convenient for you, but not so simple, or desirable, for the employee.
  3. I Want My Twitter TV! – Fast Company: It is 75 minutes before showtime at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, and the Justin Bieber Watch is in full effect.
  4. Cloud Computing is No Fad – The global market for these services is expected to triple by 2015.
  5. Choosing the Right Domain Name – As domain chaos looms, business owners face complex choices.

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