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The Entrepreneurs’ Organization, the world’s most influential community of entrepreneurs, has numerous programs to help leading entrepreneurs excel in business. One of them is EOinjected, a program designed to take businesses from good to great. Here’s a recap of a recent EOinjected outing in Australia:

EOinjected recently launched two new regional Forums in Australia: One “Quantum Leap” Forum for members with a business of US$15 million or more in revenue/turnover, and one “Insignia” Forum for members with seven or more years of EO tenure.

EO Arizona member and EOinjected Committee Chair Daniel Ozbun, along with EOinjected Program Director Patty Campagna, traveled to Sydney, Australia, to launch the new Injected groups. The launch included a day of Forum Moderator training and a kick-off educational day for the 15 Australian members involved in the program. While in Sydney, the EOinjected members were invited to participate in the EO24 Sydney event with speaker Colin Chodos.

For more information about EOinjected, e-mail Patty Campagna.

Picture from left to right: Daniel Ozbun, EO Sydney member Daniel Green and speaker Colin Chodos.

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