Top Entrepreneurial News of the Day

  • Would Rebranding US Money Boost Its Economy? – Since their introduction during the Civil War in 1862, American greenbacks have changed very little. As consumers, we’re accustomed to handling the crisp green papers, but graphic designer Richard Smith feels the humdrum currency could use some rebranding.
  • Ireland Leads Surge in Sovereign Default Swaps on Bailout Costs – The cost of insuring against default on European government debt surged, led by Ireland, amid concern the bill for bailing out the region’s banking system is growing.
  • How to Make a Scene – Building a Lifestyle Brand – The Ace Hotel brand is so cool, it even has its own special-edition Converse high tops. Alex Calderwood, co-founder and creative mastermind behind the industry’s hippest hotel properties, is showing off a pair to his business partners, Wade Weigel and Doug Herrick, in the airy, stripped-down lobby of the Seattle Ace.
  • Germany Takes a Step Toward Ending Its Draft – Germany moved a step closer to ending military conscription on Monday when conservative party leaders agreed to halt a draft embedded in the Constitution half a century ago to help keep the armed forces from ever again developing into a self-directed state within a state.
  • How to Invest for Falling Prices – Okay, worrywarts, you have official permission to be concerned about deflation. This economically trying condition means that prices on goods and services may continue to fall (from 2008 meltdown levels), economic growth will be stagnant and savings yields will stink.

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