Report Reveals Entrepreneur Optimism

Successful contractors working in the United Kingdom could be among those who believe economic fortunes are set to improve. According to a recent report by the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and the Standard Chartered Private Bank, 70 percent of European entrepreneurs believe the economy will improve or at least stay the same in the coming three months.

However, the report also showed a strong belief that entrepreneurship in education needs to be improved if the continent is to compete with its global rivals.Michael Conway, president of ther EO UK-London chapter and managing director of the Quayside Group, said: “This research is particularly interesting to existing and future entrepreneurs in the UK because it highlights untapped potential. With the right investment in education, and the right ecosystem to support growing businesses, Britain could become an entrepreneurial powerhouse.”

The expert said it is time that British entrepreneurs stopped looking to the US for inspiration and started “looking in our own backyard.”

To learn more about the EO report, visit the Global Entrepreneur Indicator Web site.

Written by Alex Turner from Brookson, a leading provider of accountancy, tax advice and support services to freelance contractors and individuals who work in business for themselves.

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