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Happy Thursday, BOLD readers! Check out this cool business event I came across today. If you’re interested, following the directions below:

Meet us. Pitch us. We want to hear your stories. is inviting readers to our free Winning Strategies for Business conference Tuesday, October 5, in Long Beach.It’s a day of seminars, speakers and networking. (Here’s the agenda.) But what makes the day particularly special for us is our Meet the Editors session. It’s a chance to meet you, our readers, face to face, and hear about your business in person. Tell us why your business should be featured in Entrepreneur magazine or on and what lessons other readers can learn from it.

If you think your company is newsworthy, let us know why. For example:

  • Have you developed an innovative product, service, or technology?
  • Did you overcome a big challenges or obstacle while starting up or growing?
  • Have you used an innovative or unusual marketing/sales or financing strategy or management technique?

Each attendee gets three minutes to make their pitch. Last year, lines looped out the door. The passion and energy was electric. Great ideas come out of these brief meetings, some of which end up on our pages. Here is a link to our pitching guidelines. If we’re interested in pursuing your story, we’ll follow up with you. Hope to see you there.

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