Top Entrepreneurial News of the Day

  • How to Construct the Perfect Portfolio – Is there a way to construct the “perfect” portfolio? For advisors focused on strengthening their client relationships, the answer should be yes. The first step: cut through the noise about asset allocation today.
  • No Such Thing as a Well-Earned Rest – The four words an entrepreneur’s spouse dreads hearing: “I have an idea.” That’s because, according to columnist Meg Hirshberg, those words are often followed by financial and emotional struggles.
  • Google M&A Boss Presides Over Record Year –  In the fast-paced world of Silicon Valley innovation, Google’s chief dealmaker David Lawee puts many a youthful engineer to shame.
  • Five Keys to Growth – Growing a business and staying successful require a full palette of skills and strengths. As many business owners know, the self-starting, risk-taking entrepreneur who launches a new business idea must also be able to perpetuate that growth as her business scales up and requires more comprehensive processes and procedures.
  • Get Ready for a Wave of Bank Mergers – Banks are facing unused lending capacity, idle cash, and depressed market values, leaving the industry ripe for takeovers. But the four biggest may not be able to join in.

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