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  • The Katrina Effect How Entrepreneurs Helped Restore New Orleans – Business News – Entrepreneurship has grown in the devastated city of New Orleans since 2005. There are 8,222 more businesses there than there were in 2004, 450 per 100,000 people are starting their own business and the wages have grown 14 percent in the past five years. Read this article to get an inside look into how entrepreneurs helped New Orleans recover.
  • If You Want To Be The Boss, Don’t Act Like A Secretary – Women in the workplace have a difficult time trying to fit into the team. The study conducted showed woman taking the role of a “compiler” organizing and shaping the project from the inside more than any other group position. The author points out that, “an individual has to showcase other skills and abilities and step into the spotlight and not just passively or invisibly shape a project.” Women need to take an active leadership role and that is not just writing other people’s ideas down.
  • Japan’s Central Bank Disappoints The Markets – Robert Olsen – Asian Values – Forbes: Both Prime Minister Naoto Kan and the Finance Minister Yoskihiko Noda expressed the need for changes in Japan’s monetary policy. This is due to the yen’s rise of 83.58 last week which is hurting the export-driven economy of Japan. The Japanese government is expected to expand on their stimulus package and outline details on Tuesday.
  • Seth’s Blog: Professionals, amateurs and the great unwashed: Seth Godin explains the benefits of hiring a professional, an amateur or someone who thinks it’s just a job.
  • 10 Things Employees Want Most: Disgruntled and annoyed employees will not be as effective in their job as happy employees. So what is it that all employees want? This article identifies 10 things: 1. Employees want a purpose. 2. Employees want goals. 3. Employees want responsibilities. 4. Employees want autonomy. 5. Employees want flexibility. 6. Employees want attention. 7. Employees want opportunities for innovation. 8. Employees want open-mindedness. 9. Employees want transparency. 10.Employees want compensation.

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