Top Entrepreneurial News of the Day

  • Marketing Tips: What’s the Purpose Of Your Website? | BusinessBlogs Hub: Your website is for marketing your business right? Well do you have a marketing plan for it? If not, here are some ways to make your website more helpful to those looks at it. Ely Delaney explains three reasons to pay attention to your website: 1. Search Engine Juice 2. Lead Generation 3. Buy Now.
  • Creating a Facebook Business Page – David F. Carr highlights how to create a Facebook business page.
  • How to Write a Summary Business Plan: Business plans for large companies turn into large books, but small business and entrepreneurs don’t have time to create these seemingly endless documents. A summary business plan works better. It is a snapshot of your company detailed in only a few pages instead of hundreds.
  • Seth’s Blog: Subtlety, deconstructed: Subtlety explained. Seth Godin takes time to be forthright and dive into how you should be subtle in your business, subtlety of course.

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