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  • To Incorporate or Not to Incorporate? | Small Business Daily News, Blogs, Commentary: Incorporating or forming an LLC does not mean that you have to become a rigid workplace, just that you acknowledge the protection it gives your personal assets and the tax benefits for your business. It’s a smarter way to do business, even for small businesses.
  • How to Take Your Business Idea for a Test Drive | Small Business Blog: Sometimes a good idea is simply that, a good idea. But how do you turn a good idea into a business? By taking your idea to a group of people who will help troubleshoot possible problems and help you learn what to do. Learning from experienced and successful business owners can mean the difference between stumbling multiple times and succeeding in a short amount of time. So, invest in your future and train how to be a successful business owner.
  • Simply Business Podcast – Understanding the Challenges for Starting a Business: This podcast focuses on the challenges that entrepreneurs face when starting a business. It gives a brief overview of creating an elevator pitch, financing the business in the beginning, how to handle doing business in the recession, keeping a low overhead and the personal hurdles that come with starting a business.
  • Five Lessons to Learn from Web Startups: Some of the best parts of companies are found in Web startups. These qualities are nurtured through these companies to produce company atmospheres that keep employees and customers coming back for more. “1. Your company culture can be fun. 2. Work can be done anytime, anywhere. 3. You don’t need a lot of money to have a good time. 4. It’s OK to change your mind. 5. A small risk can return a great reward.”

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